Ye’s performance at the Grammy Awards has been canceled due to controversial statements made online by the rapper. Ye’s spokesperson confirmed this to the American entertainment website Variety .

On Thursday, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, was banned from Instagram for 24 hours. The musician was unable to post, leave comments or private messages after violating the rules around hate speech and bullying.

West used a racist term in a message about talk show host Trevor Noah. In his The Daily Show , Noah said he was scared to see how Ye harass his ex-wife Kim Kardashian on social media.

A spokesperson for Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has told TMZ that measures against Ye will be stepped up if he again makes a mistake.

Ye has regularly lashed out at his ex-wife Kardashian and her new partner Davidson in recent weeks. On social media he posts unsolicited screenshots of private conversations and says he is not allowed to see his children. Kardashian denies this.

Until Saturday, it was not clear that Ye would be performing at the Grammy Awards on April 4. His name was probably already removed before the artists were announced earlier this week.