The movie Gone with the Wind returns to HBO Max after the streaming service previously removed the Oscar-winning 1939 film from the platform due to racist stereotypes. Film professor Jacqueline Stewart will add “historical context” to some of the film’s “outdated and insensitive” aspects, CNN reports Monday.

In an opinion piece for CNN , Stewart announced that he was working on a disclaimer for the film. “I will introduce you to place the film in different historical contexts,” wrote the University of California black professor.

“For me, this is an opportunity to reflect on what classic movies can teach us. Right now, people are turning to racial re-education movies and Amazon’s best-selling books are currently about anti-racism and racial inequality,” said Stewart. “If people really get into the subject, perhaps we can have the most honest and productive conversation yet about the lives of black people on screen and beyond.”

Stewart explained in her essay how the film can help provide answers to how discrimination is embedded in society and pop culture. “Precisely because of the persistent, painful patterns of racial injustice and contempt for black lives, Gone with the Wind must remain in circulation and remain available for display, analysis and discussion.”

Gone with the Wind is regarded as the most successful film of all time, but it is also controversial because slavery would be portrayed in an uncritical way. The film was taken offline during the global racism debate following the death of black American George Floyd. He was killed on May 25 after a heavy-handed arrest by a white police officer.

It is not yet known when Gone with the Wind can be seen on HBO Max again.