Actress Betty White has just passed away at the age of 99. She was the longest-acting and one of the oldest working actresses in Hollywood. She would celebrate her 100th birthday on January 17. The actress died at her home in Carmel, California.

Betty White was born in 1922 and started her career as a glamor model. In the 1950s she started acting in a few series and had her own talk show for a short time. In total, the actress has been nominated seventeen times for an Emmy Award, of which she has received six. In 1983, Betty became the first woman to win an Emmy for Best Presenter.

The actress is best known for her role in the iconic series Golden Girls . In this she played the role of Rose Nylund from 1985 to 1992. She then played this role for a season in the sequel series The Golden Palace. She also briefly had a role on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful as the mother of Stephanie Forrester.

In 2015, at the age of 93, Betty received an Emmy for her lifetime achievement. In addition to acting and presenting, Betty has written a total of seven books.

Recently, in an interview with People magazine, the actress shared her secret to staying healthy and fit for so long. According to the  Golden Girl , her diet was actually the opposite of what people might expect. “I try to avoid green things. I think it works,” she joked.