He died at the age of 75. During his long career, he starred in 200 films and TV shows.

In Los Angeles, died actor Carmen Antimo Argenziano, who played in the Godfather and Stargate. At the time of his death he was 75 years old. About this writes Variety.

The actor died on February 10, but information appeared in the media only now. Causes of death are still unknown.

During his long career, the actor managed to play in more than 200 tapes. Among the most famous works of Argenziano are the roles of Dr. House, the films Bionic Woman, Babylon 5, When a stranger calls, Deceive Me and Gone in 60 Seconds

Earlier it was reported that the actor from the TV series Charmed and Shameless Steve Bean died . He died after a long illness with cancer of the nose.