37-year-old Meghan Markle ( Meghan Markle) immediately after the wedding wrote heartfelt letter to his father Thomas with the request , so he ceased to pursue her and herbs through the media. A British expert spoke about the character of the Duchess of Sessex in her handwriting.

It is known , that the handwriting style reflects certain properties of human nature and reveals his identity. Once , as the wife issued a letter of Prince Harry , which she wrote on the five sheets of his father , Thomas Markle , handwriting expert and analyst Ruth Myers opened traits Duchess Sessekskoy.

In the message, Megan pleaded with her father to stop the harassment , which he arranged through the media , she urged him to come to his senses and not break her heart into “a million fragments”. The analyst immediately noted that she feels a deep rift between the author of the letter and the addressee.

She noted , that Megan , judging by the handwriting , a very emotional nature and is capable of deep feelings. “With a creative and artistic character , she strives for constant praise and admiration. It’s a showman with ambition and ambition, ”Myers shared. According to her , Megan is very sensitive , she absorbs life experiences , saving them as part of her personality. In this case, it is prone to prejudice and to criticize anyone , who , in her opinion , acted against it. Emotionally insecure , she needs the support of others. , Writes the Mirror.

Ruth said , that cheerful and public shell , which shows Megan , it’s just a protective armor , which Prince Harry spouse uses , to stand up against those , who seeks her humiliation. According to Myers , the ability to forgive is very poorly developed in the newly-made representative of the British royal family. “With strong likes and dislikes , she quickly responds. She can defend herself and easily provoke anger. ”

Megan instinctively reacts to emotional situations , saying words and doing things , which really should not do , and then bitterly regrets it. Myers noted , that ” it orders can have the effect of a knife , which creates aversion to it, or even add to it the enemy.” Judging by the handwriting , theduchess is prone to sudden mood swings , so she needs order and discipline in all her actions. It does not take into account the opinions of others and may be somewhat inflexible in attitude. It is not easy for her to accept new opinions and points of view that differ from her worldview.

In the style of her handwriting felt ambitions , which have helped it to become a Hollywood star and  attract the attention of women spoiled Prince Harry. “She can organize her own plans and can be very systematic in working with ideas , objects or people. Will do anything. Megan has a strong determination and she intends to achieve her goals , in spite of any obstacles in life.

” Based on the analysis of handwriting , the Duchess could naturally adopt quality , which helps it to survive in the aquarium of palace life,” – says Ruth. “Repressions” taught her to hide many things and develop the ability to effectively resist rumors and attacks. “Trying to hedge , she carefully selects her intimate friends , but she doesn’t even trust them with all her personal affairs and problems. She is not very sociable , secretive and often prefers solitude, ”summed up the expert.