The actor Idris Elba, tipped to embody the next James Bond, fed the rumor Sunday with a tweet as a nod to the secret agent.

“My name is Elba, Idris Elba,” tweeted the British actor , taking over the famous 007 formula.

The name of this 45-year-old actor, born to a Sierra Leonean father and a Ghanaian mother, to play James Bond has been around for years.

In 2015, Pierce Brosman, one of the actors who acted secret agent 007 in the cinema, believed that James Bond could be embodied by a “big black actor”.

“Idris Elba certainly has the physique, the charisma and the presence”, had judged the Irish-American.

The rumor has grown recently and, according to the Daily Star , director Antoine Fuqua recently spoke with Bond singer producer Barbara Broccoli who thinks it’s “time” for 007 to be played by a person from an ethnic minority .

But a spokesman for Antoine Fuqua has denied any discussion, telling the Hollywood Reporter that the story was “up to scratch”.

Winner of a Golden Globe for Luther , Idris Elba was revealed in the crime TV series The Wire . He starred in the big-budget Thor films , and played on the big screen the icon of the anti-apartheid Nelson Mandela.

The next James Bond will be released in 2019 with Daniel Craig in the lead role. It should be Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond.