Courteney Cox received a reality dose while filming a sentimental video of her daughter, Coco Arquette’s, last first day of high school.

A funny and bittersweet clip was shared by 57 year actress Courteney Cox on Instagram captioning the post saying “Sweet memories 😐.”

According to the post by actress Cox plays “I’m So Excited” by The Pointer Sisters as she gets ready for the milestone day.

“It’s the first day of the last year Coco’s going to school. She’s a senior, big day”, Courteney said on the camera while she pets her dog and makes coffee.

After that she made a call to her 17 years old daugther on the intercom
Saying “Coco, You ready?.
“No” a frim reply from her.
then Cox answered coco “Ok, see you in the car”.

Once in the car, the Friends star says, “Dropping my baby girl off for the first day of her last year of school.”

When Courteney tried to film the daugther …. Coco put her hand on the camera saying “Please don’t film me.”

Lot of love was paid for the video by the Cox’s Celebrity pals.
It was commented by the Witherspoon saying “MOM Life ! 😂.”

Tan France new dad also added saying “Aaaw, love this so much.”

Cox regularly shares post featuring her daugther on instagram mostly showing the skill of singing by Coco. During the last month a post was shared by Cox Video of Coco singing Adele’s “Chasing Pavements,” writing, “I love my Coconut’s voice. 🎸”