The US space agency “NASA” reported that the probe “Perseverance” wandered on the surface of Mars for the first time since it landed on the planet on February 19.

The agency confirmed that the probe cut about 6.5 meters on the surface of Mars, as it traveled 4 meters, then turned 150 degrees to the left and walked 2.5 meters backward.

And these movements took about 33 minutes, knowing that the 6-wheel probe weighed more than one ton.

“NASA” confirmed that the movements were carried out “perfectly” and it is planned that the probe will make longer rounds than that at a later time. According to her estimates, it will be able to travel about 200 meters during a single day on Mars, which equals 24 hours and 39 Earth minutes, or 1,027 Earth days.

The probe sent to Earth about 7 thousand of the images it took on the surface of Mars, in addition to the meteorological data on the red planet.