The Offer

Attention Godfather fans! On Wednesday, Paramount+ announced a new drama series based on the classic ‘The Godfather’ called ‘The Offer’. The streaming service dropped the first images today.

A whole can of Hollywood actors has been opened to make this series a success. Actor Miles Teller plays the lead role of Albert S. Ruddy, Dan Fogler disguises himself as Francis Ford Coppola and Giovanni Ribisi takes on the role of Joe Colombo.

The first three episodes of the 10-episode series will premiere on April 28.

Watch the trailer below:The Offer | Offical Trailer | Paramount  +

Appropriately enough, The Godfather celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. In honor of this anniversary, the film is back in theaters and we can enjoy the family tragedy one last time with a lot of blood and legendary sayings: