Stickers have become so common in instant messengers that many will be amazed to know that there are none in WhatsApp. This will happily change!

Unmissable and used a lot everywhere, the stickers were however absent from WhatsApp, one of the most popular couriers in the world. Of course, users of the application can exchange GIF and emojis, but so far they were deprived of stickers.

Everyone can participate

No doubt aware of this absence, the publisher will propose ”  in the coming weeks  ” (courage!) Sticker packs for iOS and Android users. For starters, WhatsApp will provide stickers designed by home designers as well as by other artists.

Ultimately, it’s a whole ecosystem of stickers that will be put in place. WhatsApp will indeed allow third-party publishers to deliver their own packages through their applications. APIs and interfaces are indeed available for developers. We learn that images of 512 x 512 pixels must have a transparent background. Above all, they must weigh less than 100 KB each.

The application of stickers can then be distributed on the Play Store or the App Store as any app. It will therefore be expected an avalanche of stickers very soon in WhatsApp!