The 1997 film Anaconda gets a new version, reports The Hollywood Reporter Friday. Evan Daugherty, known from the film Tomb Raider , among others , will provide the script about a documentary film crew that encounters a huge snake in the Amazon.

In the original version of Anaconda , Jennifer Lopez, rapper Ice Cube, Jon Voight, and Owen Wilson played among others. The film with a budget of around 40 million euros was not well received by critics, but raised over 120 million euros.

According to sources in the Daugherty area, the new Anaconda should not be seen as a continuation or rework, but as a ‘re-imagination’. The new film is said to be inspired by the film The Meg from 2018, in which actor Jason Statham gets hit with a gigantic prehistoric shark.

Cast and producer are not yet known for Anaconda in a new jacket. When the new film, from the stable of film studio Sony Columbia Pictures, will appear is also still unclear.