Thomas Markle, the father of the British princess Meghan Markle, is angry that he has not spoken to his daughter for ten weeks. He would also be afraid that he would never see any children of the royal couple.


“It hurts me very much that she completely excluded me, I had a phone number where I could reach her, but after critical words about the royal family, these numbers are closed, I can not reach my daughter”, says Thomas Markle in an interview with Mail on Sunday.

Markle thinks that his earlier interviews, and his openness about the desire for children of his daughter and her husband Prince Harry, have led to his being excluded. “Meghan has said for the past six or seven years that she would like to have a family, but Harry says so, but at the moment I say it, I am persona non grata.”


Also, the broken contact would be a punishment because of the setting up of a series of paparazzi photos, which Thomas Markle purposely made of himself. Father Markle was to be portrayed by the sensation press as a slv and, according to TMZ, thrown off such an image that he helped a paparazzi photographer to take pictures of him in an internet cafĂ©.

When the photos were put in scene, he said he regretted and decided not to attend the wedding of his daughter. The two had been in contact with each other for years.

Lay down silence

Markle is both sad and angry about the way he has been treated by the British court. “I talked to Meghan and the royal family, they want me to keep my mouth shut and I go away, but I will not let myself be silenced.”

“Maybe it’s easier for Meghan if I die, everyone would sympathize with her, but I hope we’ll make up for it, I’d be horrible to die while I would never have spoken to her again.”