Jamie Spears, Britney’s father (38), finds all theories about his daughter’s receivership bizarre. That fans have started the # FreeBritney movement because they think their idol, which has been under legal supervision since 2008, is being called Jamie ‘a joke’.

“All these conspiracy thinkers don’t know anything”

“All these conspiracy thinkers don’t know anything. The world has no idea,” Dad Spears tells the New York Post . “It’s up to the California court to decide what’s best for my daughter. It doesn’t concern anyone else.”

The supporters of the # FreeBritney movement, Jamie says, go to great lengths to make their point. “People are being stalked and face death threats. It’s terrible.” He dismisses accusations of stealing money from his daughter. “I have to report every penny and dime to court every year. How could I ever steal something?”

The singer came under the supervision of her father after her mental breakdown in 2008. For the past few months, a manager has been responsible for her personal and financial decisions because Jamie said she no longer wanted to do it for health reasons. In any case, Britney will be under surveillance until August 22. The judge will soon determine whether this should be extended.