Jamie Spears, the father of pop singer Britney Spears, has agreed to step down from his duties as her supervisor. That reports the American entertainment website TMZ based on legal documents.

Britney was placed under guardianship 13 years ago after a mental breakdown. Her father has been the curator ever since. Britney’s co-curator Jodi Montgomery asked father Jamie to step down as his daughter’s supervisor earlier. According to Montgomery, Jamie’s stay on mentally puts a heavy strain on the singer.

The singer’s father is now finally agreeing to the request, and he is doing so “because the public fight with his daughter would not be best for her,” the documents said. He has therefore agreed to look for a new supervisor for his daughter and emphasizes in the documents that he always wants the best for his daughter.

Britney’s mother and Jamie’s ex-wife, Lynne Spears, also made themselves heard at the end of July. According to Lynne, Jamie forced his daughter to take medicines that she did not want and that, according to her mother, were not necessary at all.

In addition, Britney and her partner Sam Asghari would love to have another child, but she is not allowed to have her spiral removed from her father. Jamie is also said to have forced her domestic staff, security guards and doctors to pass on everything Britney does to him.

In her statement, Lynne supported Britney’s request to fire her father as trustee. She says her ex-husband is “incapable of putting my daughter’s interests above his own”. She indicated that she was willing to testify against Jamie in the lawsuit that is going on.

The singer’s father does not immediately relinquish his duties as a supervisor. When exactly that will happen is still unclear. Father Jamie’s lawyer insisted in the documents that the man “rescued his daughter from disaster and supported her when she needed it most.”

Britney’s lawyer, in turn, repeated his request to the singer’s father to resign immediately, but was satisfied with the decision. “We look forward to continuing our investigation of Mr. Spears’ behavior over the past 13 years.”  

So Britney is not completely free for the time being, but on social media, where the hashtag #FreeBritney has been around for a while, the news about the singer was nevertheless received with jubilation.