The goat’s owner says that local famous llamas have become its neighbors, so the star name suits the goat perfectly.

Singer Selena Gomez can add a new point to her accomplishments: a domestic goat was named after her in Norfolk.

A farmer named Ben Marshall revealed that he recently bought a Boer goat and took to social media for ideas for the animal’s name. Someone from the users advised him to name the goat Selena Goatmez (goat means “goat”).

“We were happy to have a little chuckle and cheer up as we looked through hundreds of versions of the goat name. But this name seemed to us the most appropriate and ridiculous, ”the owner of the goat shared.

The farmer also noted that the star name is ideal for the goat, as local celebrities cohabit with her – the alpacas Ant and Dec, named after the English comedy duo Ant & Dec. “Everyone wants to take a photo with them,” Ben said. In addition, the goat Selena is very “vocal”, says the farmer, and loves to chat when the owner comes to feed her.

Also recently it became known about a cat named Halle Berry, which was named after the performer of the role of Catwoman. One of the shelters posted a message that a cat named Halle Berry is looking for a new home. The actress saw the publication and helped spread it.