A large group of James Bond fans wrote an open letter to the makers of the new film ‘No Time To Die’ on Monday. The fans call in a letter, which can be read on the website MI6-HQ, one of the largest international 007 fan sites, to postpone the producers on the film because of the new corona virus. Because large groups of fans around the world will go to the cinema, the virus could spread more easily, writers fear.

“Public health is more important than marketing”

They ask producer EON Films to postpone the release until the summer. The premiere of the 25th Bond film is now scheduled for March 31 in London. In the following week No Time To Die goes out worldwide. In the Netherlands, the new 007 adventure can be seen in theaters from 2 April. Tens of thousands of tickets have already been sold for the shows.

“It’s just a movie,” the fans say. “Public health is more important than marketing and the huge campaign.” There is a good chance that No Time To Die will become a blockbuster; the previous films each raised around a billion dollars. The promotion tour of No time To Die has already been considerably shortened due to the corona virus. The release of the film in Hong Kong has been postponed for a few weeks.

The authors of the letter also point out that the Royal Albert Hall in London has 6,000 seats. Events have been canceled in recent days with fewer participants to prevent the spread of the corona virus. “One infected person in the audience can infect the entire room,” the fans say. “That’s not the kind of publicity you want.”

The producers have not yet responded.