The makeup mogul faces her millions of fans who bet she’s pregnant.

Kylie Jenner is currently dealing with millions of eager fans who are betting that she is expecting her second child with rapper Travis Scott, father of her daughter Stormi.

For some of her 258 million followers on Instagram, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister hides the game … and her belly.

Fans have suggested the possibility that Kylie is pregnant with her second child and is hiding it behind old photos.

With eagle eyes they pointed out a number of irregularities in Jenner’s recent posts.

One of the followers commented:

“Is she pregnant? This photo, that neon hair and nails are from two months ago, June 15 … why is he recycling those images right now? “

That was enough to start speculation about a new pregnancy.

His fans flooded his Instagram post:

“Kylie is pregnant. She has never had the same nails for more than a month… now she is showing a baby lump and will not post any recent body photos, ”said one follower.

Another follower observed that he could even be trying to hide the news, since, curiously, this year there have been no photos of Kylie or family celebrating her birthday on August 10.

“There are no photos of Kylie Jenner or anyone else at her birthday party, no selfies, no clothes, no group photos. She is definitely pregnant, ”he said.

You have to remember that Kylie Jenner kept her first pregnancy a secret, so a new secret pregnancy would come as no surprise, because she kept a complete secret until Stormi’s birth.

In 2018, when she gave birth, she announced the news through a YouTube video, where she shared that she was pregnant.