An amateur DLC that has everything a professional episode with NPCs … doubled!

The modders community has always been very important at Bethesda. These are always present to enrich the already substantial content of licenses like TES or Fallout. And it is the latter that interests us today through the trailer of his next mod: Fallout Miami. Here, the developer Mika999 decided to do things well – and until the end – with a perfect trailer and a voice-over that sets the mood. Here, the action takes place in Miami (logic) and will discover the beaches – that one imagines irradiated – of this new city with quests, factions and others at RDV.

A mod that wants to be similar to a DLC


The objective of Mika999 seems clear: to propose a game with the airs of DLC, the most complete and possible pro so. The trailer of its Fallout Miami – which Bethesda does not seem to sulk – will allow a whole new region with the beaches of Miami. Of course, the additional quests will be at the rendezvous with factions, idems, and, icing on the cake that the trailer shows very well: doubled NPCs! Because very often, with mods, the absence of voice with only text can spoil the immersion. Mika999 is going so thoroughly to propose this DLC that is Fallout Miami.