Eva Jinek goes on maternity leave a week earlier than planned. She would actually present her talk show next week.


“It just does not work anymore”, said Jinek during the broadcast. “I have decided to stop now.”

The presenter told her that her blood pressure is too high and that she is suffering from several pregnancy ailments. “I’m not going to put my legs on the table to show how thick my ankles are, but it just does not work anymore.”

“I found it difficult to indicate my limit, but I have to choose my child, I am a mother,” said Jinek on Janine Abbring’s question as to whether it was difficult.

Jinek called her talk show her first child. “And it’s hard to let that go, but it has to be done.” The presenter announced in March that she and her friend Dexter van der Voorn expect a child.

Because Jinek is already stopping, her replacement Nadia Moussaid starts a week earlier with her program Laat op Eén. From Monday she can be seen at NPO 1. “I wish her a lot of fun and a lot of success”, Jinek concluded her last final Jinek.