Eva Green (38) is currently stealing the show in the latest Disney film ‘Dumbo’ as an acrobat Colette Marchant. Yet it didn’t matter much if she had rejected the role, because the actress suffers from terrible fear of heights.

“I surprised myself by playing the trapeze woman. I’m so scared of heights that I didn’t know if I could do it, “she said. “But I was allowed to train with real circus artists, so that was really great: you received free training from the best circus artists. Only: I’m so scared of heights, it’s a real phobia. ”

“I really panicked in the beginning, but I could leave it behind. It’s great, I can’t believe I can wave on the trapeze! I thought I’d die if I climbed on it. I was really scared. ”But the calm approach of the circus artists proved effective. “I have very strong abs now. And very strong arms. Little by little I went higher and higher and higher, and that was great. ”