But he still loves the film, as well as its actors and director.

Despite a favorable reception from critics, the “feminine” reboot of “Ghostbusters” was rather coolly received by the audience. In a recent interview with Living Life Fearless, the reasons for the failure of Paul Fig’s film were discussed by the star of the original dilogy Ernie Hudson, who played a completely different character in the 2016 comedy blockbuster:

Ghostbusters: Heirs is not a remake. But the third film, which is with the ladies, is exactly a remake. To tell the truth, I really like him. I love all the actors who played there and the director Paul Fig; I am a fan of this team. They tried to make a remake – reimagining our films, showing an alternative version of Ghostbusters. I believe that this was precisely the mistake: the tape did not continue the storyline of the original. It turned out to be something like a different universe where we were women. “

Hudson will soon be returning to the elderly ghost hunter Winston Zeddemore in Jason Wrightman’s nostalgic triquel. The 75-year-old actor promises that the upcoming production is a direct sequel to the original franchise about the New York City Defender Four:

“The new project is exactly the same“ Ghostbusters ”, everything takes place in a familiar universe after 20-30 years. The remake was also called Ghostbusters, but, as I said, it was a famous story told from a different angle, which automatically generated unnecessary comparisons. “

Studio Sony last week due to the pandemic postponed the premiere of “Ghostbusters: Heirs” to November 11, 2021.