Empire actor Jussie Smollett, who is suspected of making a false declaration about a homophobic and racist attack on him, has been allowed by a judge in Chicago to leave the city. Under the conditions of his bail he actually had to stay in the place where there is a charge against him.

The lawyers of the accused actor filed an application so Jussie may travel to New York and California to consult with his lawyers.

The judge approved that, but under the New York Post stressed that he can only leave for these destinations.

Departing from America is in any case not an option, since Smollet had to hand in his passport when he was released on bail.

Smollett previously claimed that on 29 January he would have been attacked by two men. In his view, these would have made homophobic and racist remarks. They would also have beaten him initially and doused with a chemical substance.

The actor who is known from the Empire series, according to Page Six , would have apologized to his colleagues after his release.