Britney Spears
Britney Spears (39) wants to get rid of the curatorship of her father Jamie. That said the emotional world star during a hearing in a court in Los Angeles. There she spoke for the first time via an audio connection about the situation and did so in firm language. “It is my wish and dream that this all ends,” said Britney.

“I just want my life back. It’s been thirteen years and it’s enough”

The singer presented her side of the story in her story and told the judge that she feels “a slave” to her father. “I’m so angry I can’t sleep, I’m depressed and I cry every day,” said Britney, who said she was forced to tell the world she was happy. However, that was all a lie. “I just want my life back. It’s been thirteen years and it’s enough. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m done.”

During the poignant testimony, Britney said all claims that she suffers from dementia is false and that she has been on medication for the past eight years. As she described her life, she likened herself to a sex trafficking victim. “The people who did this to me should not get away with this,” said the singer, who also announced that she wanted to sue her family.

Britney also described that she actually wants to get married and have another child, but she has an IUD. “I want it out but they don’t want to take me to the doctor to have it removed.”

“I’ve been working since I was 17. I really believe this curatorship is wrong,” said the pop star, who has been under her father’s supervision since 2008 due to a mental breakdown. “I can’t live a full life right now. I want it to end without being re-evaluated.”

The singer also made short work of her father, Jamie Spears, during the hearing. “He enjoyed being in control of me. Not 100 percent, but 1000 percent. I’m basically being abused and have been for 13 years. I want to tell my story now, so that maybe everyone can understand the damage that is me inflicted. Then and still now.”

She continues: “I was forced to take the drug lithium, which is supposed to stabilize your mood. As a result, I felt like I was drunk all day. I couldn’t stand up for myself and was afraid to start a conversation with both my father as mother,” said Britney.

The judge ordered a break after a while, to give all parties a rest, and then continue again.

Britney also indicates that she has gained many new insights in the past corona year. “I know I’m afraid of people and don’t really trust anyone. It’s incomprehensible to me that I have to go to therapy in a place that photographers can easily access, it’s very painful. They took pictures of me crying there last Tuesday Why can’t that therapist just come over to my house so I can have privacy and talk without having to worry about an army of paparazzi waiting outside for me?” said the singer.

Britney was also not exactly happy with her care manager Jodi Montgomery, who has been determining for a number of months what she can and cannot do in private. For example, she said that Montgomery is ‘violent’.

The judge thanked the singer for her courage to tell her story honestly, before taking a break. After the break, the audio was turned off, because illegal recordings were made and there were too many live tweets about the case. Fans were immediately concerned whether that wasn’t also a devious move by Britney’s father to silence her.

“If we can’t listen in anymore, how do we know if the truth is being spoken in court? Could this be another trick by her father and his lawyers, whom she has to pay, by the way?’ writes a fan.

Another says: ‘Something isn’t right here. We have been able to hear her the whole time and after the break there is ‘suddenly’ a problem. Britney herself has said she wants to make the case public so that everyone can hear her side of the story. And suddenly the audio shuts off. All very coincidental.’

American news sites also report that the case can no longer be followed.

Several stars have expressed their support for Britney via social media. For example, Mariah Carey said: ‘Britney, we love you. Stay strong!’. Mariah also struggled with mental problems in the past, for which she was admitted to a clinic. The pressure of always having to perform, being slim and beautiful, having to ‘please’ people and especially not expressing your own opinion, are things she has also had to deal with.