The actress lost her beloved dog, who lived with her for 14 years.

Over the weekend, Emmy Rossum shared the sad news with fans: her favorite pet, a Yorkshire Terrier named Sinnaman (Cinnamon), died.

The actress published a series of photos with the dog and wrote in the microblog: “He was our friend for almost 14 years, today we lost him.” Emmy noted that Sinnaman was loved by her entire family, including her husband Sam, her two other dogs Suga and Papper, and her cat, Fiona.

“He loved to eat, sleep and travel. He loved to bark at children and pick up discarded pizza crusts on the street. He loved to be picked up, loved to be loved. I will always be his mom. He was my favorite boy, ”the actress summed up.

Rossum’s followers flooded her comments with condolences. Cameron Monaghan, her Shameless colleague, also reacted and wrote: “I’m sorry about your loss. Sinnaman was a good puppy. “

Later, Emmy posted another publication in which she told how she first went out for a morning walk without a pet. “It was very difficult to walk without you for the first time. Love you. I pray that in heaven all the discarded bread will be yours, ”wrote Rossum. She then posted a hug of her dog, Suga, and captioned it, “Keep your loved ones close.”