March 10 was the last episode of “Shameless” with Emmy Rossum. The actress, who gave nearly ten years of her life to the famous TV series, touchingly said goodbye to her heroine and colleagues.

“This is a photograph taken eight years ago during the filming of the pilot episode. Today, after 110 episodes, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to my family, “Shameless” and our faithful viewers. I will continue to watch the show with trepidation and I want to see what will happen next as soon as possible, ”the 32-year-old actress wrote under the old Instagram post.

Recall that in the comedy show Rossum played Fiona, the eldest daughter of the family Gallagher. In the first season, she had to quit school to take care of her younger brothers and sister after her mother had fled. The girl never differed exemplary behavior, cheated guys and sat in the colony for the spread of drugs. However, in each new season, Fiona grew above herself, eventually becoming a successful businesswoman.

Back in August, Amy shocked fans by reporting that she was leaving Bezstyzhykh after the ninth season. The actress admitted that she had always dreamed of such a big family like Gallagary, and she would really miss her colleagues. “Try not to think that I left, imagine that I just moved to the next quarter,” Rossum wrote then.