The actress explains her reasons why she does not accept taking photos when her fans find her.

Emma Watson reveals to Vanity Fair magazine her reasons why she does not accept taking photos with her fans when she is approached by them where they recognize her.

“For me, it is the difference of having the possibility of having a life and not. If someone takes a photo of me and posts it, in two seconds they have created a map of the exact place where I am within a 10 meter radius. They can see what I’m wearing and who I’m with. I just can’t deliver that kind of information. “

Emma Watson, like her fellow ‘Harry Potter’ actors, from a very young age had to deal with fame and harassment from the paparazzi and fans of the saga, something that definitely altered them throughout their lives, in some, such as Daniel Radcliffe who sought refuge and peace in alcohol, a situation from which it was not very easy for him to get out.