Emma Watson unveiled her new haircut on Instagram. On the picture, she approaches a small short fringe.

2018 is a change for Emma Watson. To start the year off, the British actress is showing off with a new haircut. A cut radically different from what she had since she now sports an adorable little fringe. On a snapshot released this Friday, Jan. 5, the beautiful actress unveiled her transformation on Instagram. And this new cut goes to him perfectly indeed. She highlights her eyes and the shape of her face. This is not to displease her many fans who follow her assiduously on social networks.


In legend of the snapshot, Emma Watson does not mention her new cut but she puts before the book Why I am no longer about talking about race (why I do not talk about race) of the author Reni Eddo-Lodge: “Do you found a moment to pick up your copy of the book of the month She asks her fans. We know the passion of the actress for books. She posts regularly photos of her readings on social networks. It must be said that the young woman knows about literature. Indeed, the actress studied Anglo-Saxon literature at the prestigious Brown University in the United States where she obtained a license in 2014. A full head in a well done body!