From this week, American actress Emma Stone will be seen in the cinema as an ingenious maid of English Queen Anne. In ‘The Favorite’ – an Oscar favorite – she acts alongside, among others, Golden Globe winner Olivia Colman. We can also remember her name for the Oscar presentation in February.

On the screen there may be rivalry between all female characters, on the set that was absolutely not the case, says Stone. “Olivia Colman, who plays the queen in ‘The Favorite’, was a fantastic icebreaker. She invited the whole cast to come and eat at her home. Eventually the evening ended with karaoke. So we have not only enjoyed each other on the set, but also a lot of fun. We started out as a group of close friends, and I think you see that in the result. “

Her biggest personal challenge was the British accent she had to use for the occasion. “I had to practice for weeks before I sounded like a real British,” she confesses. “Between scenes I spoke before I knew it again American. During longer scenes, there was a dialect coach on the set to give me directions, otherwise I would never have succeeded. “

Oscar nomination

Stone was nominated this year for the Golden Globe for ‘Best Female Supporter in a Drama’, but unfortunately she did not win it. The statue went to Regina King. Whether or not she will receive a nomination for the Oscars, we only know later this month. Yet Stone already has an Oscar to her name: the one for ‘Best Actress’ for her role in ‘La La Land’. Her co-star Olivia Colman won the Golden Globe for ‘Best Actress in a Drama’ and is also one of the top favorites at the Oscars.