Emma Stone, who a few days ago received her second Oscar nomination, last Sunday attended another important prize for the film industry – the Actors Guild. Emma came out on the red carpet alone, but in the hall with her was her boyfriend, screenwriter and director Dave McKeri, whom the actress introduced to her Hollywood counterparts.

The couple first came out together and looked really happy. For a long time, lovers did not advertise their relationship, but in November last year they began to appear together in public and fall into the lenses of the paparazzi. Apparently, Emma and Dave decided to bring their novel to a new level and appear at the official event as a couple. Before McKerie, the girl met with the actor Andrew Garfield for about 5 years, and even after breaking up, the fans of the actress were sure of their imminent reunion. However, this did not happen, and Emma seems happy in the new relationship.

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This evening, Stone was nominated in two categories, but did not take home a single award. On February 24, she will compete for an Oscar with her own Favorite colleague, Rachel Weiss, for the  title of best supporting actress.