The fact that the choice of Oscar-winning Emma Stone was the script writer of the program Saturday Night Live, Dave McCary, was first talked about at the end of 2017. The couple for a long time did not catch the eye of photographers and refrained from commenting about their relationship. Finally, the tabloids and fans waited: last weekend, lovers appeared in public together and attended a basketball game in Los Angeles.

Emma and Dave were sitting in the front row, watching the game and talking about something laughing. They both looked at ease and seemed to be oblivious to camera lenses. For lovers, this is a rare joint appearance that the paparazzi have managed to capture. The last time Western publications wrote about the couple after the Golden Globe party, but they could not back up the information about the star date with pictures.

Stone and McCary met in 2016 after her participation in one of the SNL issues. Just a year before meeting the screenwriter, the star of “New Spider-Man” broke up with actor Andrew Garfield. For a while, the tabloids did not stop waiting for the couple to reunite, citing reports from anonymous sources. However, it is now absolutely clear that the actress is tied up with new romantic relationships, as well as her ex-boyfriend, who was seen on a meeting with singer Rita Ora in  December last year