The actress said that the audience needs to pay less attention to the nudity of the actors, and more – to the variety of characters of the characters.

British actress Emilia Clark, who played in the series Game of Thrones Dayenerys Targaryen, spoke about the scenes where her colleagues and she appear naked. She stressed that a large number of nudity “does not matter.” About this writes The New Paper.

“Kita’s ass, someone else’s ass, my ass – it doesn’t matter! This is not what the show is about,” the actress commented on the show’s many explicit scenes.

Clark called on viewers to pay more attention not to naked actors, but to how many different female characters are shown in the series. According to her, it is very important to realize how the Game of Thrones changed the film industry.

Earlier it was reported that there was a trailer for the last season of the popular series Game of Thrones .