The billionaire decided to start his own settlement.

The founder of SpaceX and the mastermind of Tesla, Elon Musk, boasted of a new project. The American entrepreneur told his Twitter followers that he plans to build his own city.

After the successful launch of the Dragon spacecraft, the 49-year-old inventor decided to invest in yet another ambitious project. Elon hinted that he is developing a plan for a new city, which will be the next stepping stone to flights to Mars.

Fans have speculated that Musk was referring to the unprecedented development of technology in the new settlement, which will affect space exploration. One way or another, the founder of SpaceX has chosen the second largest American state as home for his new project.

“We are creating the city of Starbase in Texas. From there to Mars, and then to the stars, ”Ilon wrote promisingly on the social network.

Some netizens took Musk’s statement as a joke. They had fun leaving ironic comments and creating collages on how the inhabitants of the new city would look. Musk himself added fuel to the fire, explaining that the settlement would be noticeably focused on dogs.

Loyal fans of Elon’s engineering talent believed that he could create the city of the future. They assumed that everything in it would be based on the latest achievements of science and technology. Even memes have appeared on the web about what Starbase might look like.