The hearts of millions of fans will break, but it now seems that the end of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is in sight. Ellen Pompeo (51), who plays the lead role of Meredith in the show, hints at the final finale of the series during an interview with ‘CBS News’.

“Ending such an iconic series, how do you do that?”

Grey’s Anatomy has been amusing fans for 15 years with bizarre hospital stories, love affairs and unexpected death scenes. But that seems to end, if we are to believe Ellen. During an interview with CBS News , the actress hinted that the show is going to end. “I can’t say anything about that yet,” she tells the program. “To be honest, we haven’t decided yet.” 

Ellen reports that they are “still figuring out” what they want with Grey’s Anatomy . “We are thinking about what story we want to tell,” she explains. “Ending such an iconic series, how do you do it? I want to make sure it does justice to the character, the series and the fans. So after 17 seasons we should definitely say goodbye to the hospital series. 

Ellen does not want to tell when the end will really come. When she started on the series, she felt like she was stuck with the character. “Now that I’ve turned 50, I don’t want to look at myself that way anymore,” she explains. “With age comes wisdom. I can do anything I want or nothing at all!” The first 16 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy can be seen at Videoland.