Presenter Ellen DeGeneres made one family very happy: during her show she gave them a million dollars, the biggest prize she ever distributed. The fans, Christi and Robert Daniels and their four sons, received gifts such as a new television and air tickets last November.

“You still help others”

The Daniels family was pampered by their hard work for their community, while they themselves did not have a lot of money either. “It does not matter what you’re struggling with, or that you’re having a hard time, you’re giving back, you’re still helping others,” Ellen said. For example, Christi recently paid for the messages from another family. The talk show host then presented the family with a $ 500,000 check.

“That will help you, with your debts, with the education of your children, you live in a flat, now you can buy a house.” But the family not only got $ 500,000 for themselves, they also got another $ 500,000 to help others. DeGeneres gave away the amount in collaboration with cornflakes giant Cheerios.