Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley: at 56, she poses in panties and puts Instagram in turmoil

Elizabeth Hurley was still in a nostalgic mood on Instagram. Where she shared a vintage shot: posing in simple white panties and a mesh tank top, the actress then posed for British Vogue , under the lens of Mario Testino. “Well hello,” she simply captioned her photo. And as always, her fans were quick to shower her with praise, leaving plenty of emojis in the shape of flames and hearts. “I can’t say if it’s recent or if it dates from 30 years ago” , wonders a circumspect Internet user…

Elizabeth Hurley ‘beautiful as always’
And it’s true that there is reason to ask the question, given how much our friend Liz seems to ignore the passage of time. At 56, she has retained her dream physique and her former silhouette! Moreover, she proves each time that she gives her news, posing about 9 times out of 10 in undress… And that she posts a photo of yesterday or today, the comments are still as dithyrambic. But then, when is this photo from? From 1999! “Damn it !” , “Gorgeous as always” , “So beautiful” , “Age is nothing but a number” , “I can’t catch my breath…”, can we read in the comments. And we go!