The premiere of the eleventh season of The Walking Dead has been postponed by the corona crisis in 2021. That leaves producer Angela Kang Friday know through the official channels of the American television.

The eleventh season was scheduled to premiere in October, but the coronavirus outbreak forced the filming of the sixteenth and final episodes of the tenth season to be shelved. Initially it would be shown in April.

Kang announced on Friday during a live broadcast that the crew has still managed to make the episode. It will be broadcast on October 4 on the American television channel AMC.

The tenth season also includes six additional episodes, which will be shot in the spring of 2021 and released later in the year. This makes it the longest series ever in the history of The Walking Dead .

AMC started broadcasting The Walking Dead in October 2010 , in which humanity is threatened by a zombie virus. The post-apocalyptic series won multiple Emmy Awards and was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2011.