Residents of Studio City in California witnessed Eddie Murphy ’s walk with his girlfriend, Paige Butcher. The 57-year-old actor was glowing with pride when he walked arm in arm with his beloved: very soon she would give birth to a child who would be for him – no less – the tenth! In the position of the father of Hollywood record holder, Murphy will replace Mel Gibson, who until recently was considered the champion, being the father of nine children.

The fact that a friend of Murphy is pregnant, it became known in early September. “ Eddie Murphy and his long-time girlfriend, Paige, are happy to announce that they are expecting their second joint child, who will be born in December of this year,” his representative announced on behalf of the actor. Later it became known that Butcher was expecting a girl, and at the beginning of this month, Eddie said: he made Paige a marriage proposal, and she answered him in agreement. It is still unknown when their wedding will take place.

Recall, in addition to the baby, who is now waiting for Paige, she and Murphy have a two-year-old daughter Izzy. In addition to the children of his current girlfriend, Eddie grows eight children from three different women. The first child – the son of Eric – gave birth to an actor longtime girlfriend Paulette McNeely. Eric is now quite adult, he recently turned 29 years old. Five children appeared at Murphy during his 13-year marriage with his lawful wife Nicole. The eldest son Miles and daughter Bria are now 25 years old and 28 years old respectively. Besides them, Nicole raised three more daughters from Eddie: 23-year-old Shane, 18-year-old Zola, and 16-year-old Bella. The birth of the next, the seventh child of Murphy, Angel’s daughter, was accompanied by a scandal: Eddie left her mother Mel B, the former lead singer of Spice Girls when she was six months pregnant. When Angel was born, he refused to recognize her as a child.  So Mel B had to prove his fatherhood through the courts.