The actress admitted that she resisted the first attacks of ‘The Rock’, since the actor was “too effusive” in his proposal.

Dwayne Johnson has confessed that he had to “beg” Emily Blunt, his co-star of the new Disney movie “Jungle cruise” to participate in the film, telling her that the two would form “the ideal couple” for the plot of the film. . However, his strategy did not have the desired effect, at least at first.

The Rock told the story to People magazine:

“When the script came to me, the truth is that I loved it. And she knew the role of Emily should be for her. It was always Emily Blunt to me, that’s the truth. And she knew it from the beginning. I sent him a video that I was working on all night to beg him to accept. I got home at three in the morning and I was like, ‘Come on, we’re going to shoot a video for Emily, to tell her that I’m a huge fan and that I’d love for her to be in the film.’

But the actor acknowledged that he did not have the expected response: “Nothing, he said absolutely nothing to me. He completely ignored me! “Admitted” The Rock “with a laugh.

Emily Blunt defended herself, explaining the reason for her reaction: “I did not respond directly because when someone comes to you with such effusiveness and too much enthusiasm, the best thing is to appease them a little, but the truth is that it was a very emotional video, the most moving that I have never received, “he said.

In the end the British actress accepted the proposal, and together with Dwayne they starred in an excellent film.

See Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson in action in the movie ‘Jungle cruise’: