Drunk man arrested after driving into Taylor Swift apartment complex

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A drunk man was arrested early Thursday morning by New York police after he hit the building where Taylor Swift lives. Before officers could handcuff him, the man also managed to pull the intercom out of the wall of the complex.


According to TMZ , the man drove against the direction of traffic on Swift’s street around 5 a.m., then put the car in reverse and hit a fire hydrant and the facade of the building.

He is said to have told officers that he would not leave until he had spoken to the singer. It is not clear if she was home at the time. The man has been discharged and is undergoing a psychological evaluation.

Swift has had to deal with intruders before. Last summer, someone was also arrested outside her New York home, and several confused “fans” tried to get in at her Beverly Hills mansion. In 2019, a man was arrested at her vacation home in Rhode Island who stated that he was there to marry the singer.

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