Nine people have been killed in an accident in the US state of Texas. The pickup truck involved in the accident was driven by a 13-year-old child. He died on the spot, as did seven students who were in the van he crashed into head-on.

Police say the pickup truck suffered a blowout just before the accident on a highway in Andrews County, Texas. As a result, it collided head-on with the van in which the students were sitting. Both vehicles caught fire after the collision.

golf tournament

The students just returned from a golf tournament. The dead also include two foreign students, a girl from Portugal and a student from Mexico. Two Canadians were taken to hospital in critical condition. The 27-year-old golf coach was also killed. 

In Texas you can start driving lessons at 14. So the kid driving the van was breaking the law. He was killed instantly as well as a man who was in the pickup truck with him.