Drew Barrymore (46) has made a striking revelation in her talk show ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’. The actress appears to have had an open relationship with a well-known actor a long time ago and she has absolutely no regrets about it. In fact, she says it was one of the best times of her life.

“When we first saw each other, we were still young and wild”

Drew made the revelation during a conversation with Kate Hudson, who was a guest on her show. The two looked back on their very first meeting and immediately revealed what their love life was like at that time. “When we first saw each other, we were still young and wild,” Drew recalls.

“I think it was at a restaurant called Chez Jay’s in Santa Monica with Luke Wilson,”

Kate said.

It was no accident that Drew was sitting there with Luke at the time. “I was dating him at the time, but I think he was dating other women too. It was an open relationship and we were so young at the time.” In that respect, Drew and Kate do have a lot in common, because Kate has also dated a Wilson for a while. “I’ve been there too,” she admits. Kate had an on-again, off- again relationship with Luke’s brother Owen Wilson at the time of the shooting of the film You, Me and Dupree .

Drew has fond memories of that time. “We were just so young. We had a lot of fun. We acted together and we hung out together. We didn’t take it too seriously and I really had the best time ever.”