When Drew Barrymore (46) was asked for the 1996 film ‘Everyone Says I Love You’, she saw it as a highlight in her career. Now she regrets working with director Woody Allen (85), she told her talk show on Monday.

“I see things are changing in the business now, and that’s because you made a brave choice”

The actress hosted Dylan Farrow, Allen’s adopted daughter who accuses him of sexual abuse when she was a child. Barrymore told her that when she had children of her own, she realized she had settled for the story as it had been told without ever delving deeper into Farrow’s side. “I see that things are changing in the business now, and that is because you have made a brave choice. Thank you for that,” said the presenter.

Farrow, who was on the talk show to talk about the HBO documentary Allen v. Farrow about the case, said it did her good to hear Barrymore’s words. “It’s easy for me to say: of course you shouldn’t work with him. It’s a jerk, it’s a monster. But I really like that you let me know that my story, and what I’ve been through, is important. was enough for you to change your mind. “