The singer has not paid for the services of a technology design company used during his 2018 tour.

Drake faces a demand of US $ 108,000 from the designers of the high-tech stage he used during his ‘Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour 2018’, for claims he never paid for the installation.

According to the design company Sila Sveta, they were hired by rapper Hotline Bling to create 3D visual elements for the stage to play behind and with Drake, while performing during the concert tour.

However, while claiming they have done everything possible to ensure that it was perfect for the rapper, they claim that they have not been paid for their services.

According to the legal documents obtained by The Blast, the company is owed $ 108,000, which accumulated after Drake, “delayed the tour dates, requiring Sila Sveta staff to work additional days,” in addition to that “radically changed the configuration, size and shape of the screens on which the video content would be played four times.”

Company officials say they completed the job, but after sending the bill for the additional amount of additional work done, Drake’s team refused to pay.

The company presented the documents in the Los Angeles County Court, to which Drake has not yet responded.