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Drake almost killed Will Smith!


Will Smith recounts it laughing, but Drake has almost got his skin! He responded to the inspired challenge of “In My Feelings,” the hit of the Canadian singer.

Will Smith has posted on YouTube a video on how he took up the challenge launched by the comic Shiggy, #InMyFeelingsChallenge, inspired by Drake’s song, “In My Feelings”. The video is titled ” Drake almost killed me” and begins with a warning of the actor and rapper, behind the humor.

“Do not try to do the stunts that are in this clip. It’s completely stupid to do a pitch contest he warns. Billboard recalls that Will Smith is a great player and wanted to win the challenge and do better than the singer Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson, who filmed themselves dancing on a mountain in Cape Town.

Will Smith says it’s stupid, but does it anyway

Will Smith is a big kid. “I woke up this morning lost in my thoughts and said to myself,” I have to beat them. ” I went there 100% … I was terrified up there, “he says on Instagram. He climbed one of the highest bridges in Budapest and then hurried off, certain it was illegal. The video is a hit on the net. But we advise Will to pay attention all the same!