Dolly Parton (76) has praised Taylor Swift (32) for standing up for herself after she was accused of not writing her songs herself. Speaking to Hollywood Life, she calls Taylor “a great writer, with or without someone’s help.”

“She knows who she is and what she wants”

Dolly said it “hurts” her when artists are treated “badly”. She thinks it’s “wonderful” that Taylor isn’t afraid to address her critics publicly. Also, the 76-year-old country singer called her “very creative” and someone who is “smart with marketing.” “She knows who she is and what she wants,” she added. “And I’m just like that.”

Taylor was in all the states after Damon Albarn, the musician known for his work for the bands Blur and Gorillaz, stated that the singer didn’t write her own songs. The singer lashed out at Albarn via social media, who apologized not long afterwards.

“I was such a big fan of yours until I saw this. I write ALL my songs myself. Your wild suggestions make no sense and are also extremely harmful. You don’t have to like or appreciate my songs, but it’s really fucked up to say I don’t write my own songs,” Swift wrote on Twitter, adding that she wrote her tweet herself, in case Albarn had any doubts.