The nice weather is just around the corner and Disney is responding to your summer jitters with the trailer for their brand new movie ‘Luca’. The first trailer of the future blockbuster hits everything you want from the hottest season of the year.

After the success of Soul , Coco and Cars , it is now Luca ‘s turn . The Disney film follows the boy Luca who is on holiday with his buddy Alberto in an Italian seaside town. But the two have a secret: when the boys jump into the water, they transform into water monsters! And that poses major problems, because the village where they stay hates marine animals. 

The film has everything you expect from an Italian summer. For example, Luca and Alberto are buried under a lot of pasta and ice creams, they drive into the summer on a moped and feast on watermelons. The cinema premiere of  Luca  is currently scheduled for June 2021. Whether the film follows the earlier tactics of Disney with Mulan and Soul and can be seen on Disney + for an additional fee is not yet known.