Unsurprisingly,  Mission: Impossible – Fallout imposes itself with disconcerting ease like the blockbuster of the summer and as one of the best action movies of the year. What to make us say that, whatever happens, a seventh episode is already planned.

Because it seems obvious that  Tom Cruise will not let go of his fruitful frankness as long as he still has enough form to make his stunts mad. And he is right, especially when we see the final result. Mission: Impossible has indeed become with the years the action-espionage franchise in vogue, executed with so much intelligence that even if it is ultra calibrated, it is still as effective.

Notoriously, Fallout is the first episode of the saga to have been directed by a director who had previously performed on the series, Christopher McQuarrie , official member of the close guard of Tom Cruise. And while we’ve just released a film about directors that we’d like to see at the helm of upcoming films , the prospect of McQuarrie coming back for the seventh installment is definitely not out of the question.

Obviously, for that, it would already have to want it. And right now, it’s less certain, as he just confided to the microphone of Empire Magazine leaving a big doubt about his future involvement:

to be in the position of this guy on the first day of filming that must handle the enormous pressure that this film represents. It’s way too much. I need a big nap before I can think about it. “

And it’s a bit normal. Making such a film must be exhausting, not to mention drastic post-production and marathon promotion. It seems a bit premature for McQuarrie to think about the saga before taking a big vacation even if the studio must already think about it, especially given the excellent results of the international box office film. In short, it is better to give him a few months of rest to talk about it at rest, maybe he will reconsider his decision.