Diane Kruger has shown on Instagram that she has a flat stomach again four months after the birth of her daughter. The actress admits that she does a bit to brag. “Am I bragging? Well, sure, because I worked hard to get my abs back,” she said at the post.

The 42-year-old says that she did not think she would succeed at her age, but writes: “the female body is great”.

Diane and her friend, The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, became the parents of a daughter in November. It is the first child of Diane, Norman shares with ex Helena Christensen son Mingus (19). The two want to keep their daughter out of the spotlights as much as possible. They have not shared the girl’s name and do not post photos of her on social media.

They also called media and followers on paparazzi photos that were made in January of Diane and the baby not to share. “We understand that there are people who would like to see a photo of our daughter, but as parents we want nothing more than to grow up safely and with privacy.”