When Diana Kruger’s fans learned about her pregnancy, they were shocked. And it is not surprising, because the actress is already 42 years old, and for the first time she decided to become a mother. Before meeting with Norman Reedus, Diana was in a relationship with actor Joshua Jackson for a long time, but she did not want to hear about the wedding or the children. Recently, Kruger talked about why she changed her attitude to these things.

The actress gave a frank interview with PorterEdit, in which she shared her most secret thoughts about motherhood. “When you get older, you realize that some things happen only when you are ready for them. I am glad that I was not in a hurry with the decision to have a baby, ”says Diana.

She added that Norman really helps her, because he had been through this before: “He is very calm and teaches me a lot. Of course, the person who has been through this for the second time already has something to say. ”

The actress also told why she didn’t want to have children before: “I was too selfish, but when I turned 35, I thought about having children. I had to wait for the right person for this. ” Recall that in November, Diana and Norman had a daughter, whose name the star couple still holds in secret.