A singer with Jewish roots spoke of an “absolutely magical” experience.

Demi Lovato was baptized at 27. According to her, this is another step in her emotional, physical and spiritual growth:

I am an American singer, but I grew up as a Christian, and I have Jewish roots. When they offered me an amazing opportunity to visit places that I read about as a child in the Bible, I agreed. There is something magical in Israel. I have never experienced such a feeling of oneness with God, as there … This is what I have been lacking for several years. Spirituality is very important to me … And baptism in the Jordan River, in the same place where Jesus was baptized, renewed me. I started living anew

– wrote Demi Lovato on Instagram.

The singer also visited the Wailing Wall and the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem. This is the Israeli national disaster and heroism memorial. It was built in 1953 with the goal of perpetuating the memory of Jews who were victims of the Nazi regime. This place shocked Demi:

My heart is completely broken. This is an incredibly beautiful building that reminds us of something we should never forget.